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Beginner Sewing Kit For Kids – From Sew First Review

Beginner Sewing Kit For Kids – From Sew First Review


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    • Kids sewing kit with storage drawers for small parts and thread wound on cards avoids tangles.
    • Full instructions, from cutting the thread to finishing it off, makes it easier to learn sewing.
    • The craft case has 4 simply shaped animals, which are easy to stuff and 2 sewing accessory projects.
    • The sharp, large eyed needle makes it easier to thread and pass through the felt.
    • The case contains a real tape measure and sharp scissors which will last beyond the kit’s lifetime.



Product Reviews

“Interesting Sewing Kit”

I bought this cute sewing kit for the 7 year old grand-daughter as she had asked me to teach her how to sew. We had a lot of fun starting with all the adorable, soft dog. The felt is a quality that is wonderful. Both needles are a great size so she could thread the eye. We did split the thread, which is embroidery thread, right into 2 pieces (3 sparse threads per strand). Tape measure also good and she loves the pins because the heads are shirts. The sissors could be a touch sharper, because we did have a hard time cutting the thread unless we split it. She cant wait to complete her 1st piece and I heard the enjoyable word is said many times by her . We’re currently looking forward to more sewing for this inclusive kit. She sews, I direct. Great customer service for this company!

Beginner Sewing Kit For Kids – From Sew First Review | B016BVQXYS Review


“So Cute And So Much Fun! ”

My 9 year old daughter loves this sewing kit; even as it came out of the delivery box, she noticed how cute it was! The color and design of this vanity case exterior make it both sturdy and appealing, as do scissors, pins, tape measure and the actual needles; more robust compared to starter kits weve attempted previously. I adore the fact that, after a stitching celebration for four of her friends we have supplies- thread and wadding which, again, hasnt been my experience of kits. All five women in the sewing party, with various experiences of stitching, were able to use the product and, within 2 hours go away pleased with a self made soft toy- the directions are clear the templates easy and effective.The women were thrilled with their particular work and Im sure it wont be the last sewing celebration we have!I received this product for free (not understanding the person behind it) and am very pleased to stand with this as a fair and honest review.

Beginner Sewing Kit For Kids – From Sew First Review | B016BVQXYS Review


“And Both Mother And Daughter Loved It. Not Only Is The Little Case Adorable”

I gave this sewing kit into the 9-year old granddaughter of a friend, and both mom and daughter LOVED it. Not only is the case that is tiny adorable, but it makes it easy to keep everything. They e-mailed me to let me know they enjoy it and have called, and the girl is excited about sewing alongside her mother. The response has been so positive I anticipate opportunities to give this to other friends with age children/grandchildren. Definitely a gem of a commodity! (I got this product at no cost in exchange for a fair and honest review.)

Beginner Sewing Kit For Kids – From Sew First Review | B016BVQXYS Review


“Easy And Fun! ”

Purchased this for my own 7-year old granddaughter and she adored it! Very quickly, she had been sewing stuffed animals with a little advice from me! The case is handy and the drawers inside permit her to keep stuff. I would recommend this product.

Beginner Sewing Kit For Kids – From Sew First Review | B016BVQXYS Review